This is your life...are you who you want to be?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

True Identity

It saddens me that when I walk around and live life everyday, I see people who are afraid to dream. People who are afraid to go against the status-quo. People who afraid to be all they could be.

Why can't that fearful guy ask out the hot girl he's liked for sometime, it's because fear of rejection. Why can't the girl who struggles with an eating disorder stop hurting her body and feel good about herself; It's because of fear of not meeting other's expectations. Why can't the person who wants to help others in need not stand up for the rights of someone when they are getting bashed and slandered by others; It's because of fear not fitting in with the crowd.

Why do we have to be like everyone else? Why are we so consumed with what the world thinks about us? Why don't we step out and reach for our dreams and defend what is right. It's because we lack knowing ourselves. We lack knowing what we were designed to do. We truly don't know ourselves and so we look to find worth in other things.

We have failed to realize that we ourselves are worth something. We are worth the price of blood, but not just any blood, the blood of Almighty God, the blood of Jesus Christ.

If we understood this more then we would know ourselves better because we would know how much we are worth. We gain the ability to dream; We gain the ability to take risks; we gain the ability to love unconditionally; we gain the ability to make a difference in the world.